How it works

From the moment you contact us, we start applying methodologies to make your business more efficient.

Step 01

We get in touch

Through social media or via email, we arranged a meeting and listened to your ideas.

Step 2

Start Marketing

We apply strategies based on your business model to drive the growth you're seeking.

Step 3


We analyze the results of the impact that the management of your business had on the various platforms.

Community Manager

We manage to bring transparency and originality to your social networks.

Social Media Ads

We create ads that allow you to make your brand known on Facebook and Instagram.

Email Marketing

We transmit information about your brand, services, and products through personalized campaigns.


SEO strategies can make your networks appear in the first search engine results, connecting your content with users who are looking for the same products or services you offer.

100% customizable designs for your content.


We set the objective, plan the strategy, implement the actions, and advise you in detail. In addition, we analyze your metrics and reorient your campaigns.

We create and manage online sales guidelines for companies or SMEs that want to market their products online and expand their business.

SEO Positioning

Our goal is to offer you better positioning and visibility in the networks.


We have experts who will enrich and give a better SEO to your texts.

Analysis and Metrics

We collect and analyze data with the right metrics to inform you about the performance of your networks.


Our focus is directed towards those products intended for social media. This entails creating compelling and high-quality visual content that will be used on a company's or brand's social media platforms.

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Customer Service

Our approach involves providing efficient, friendly, and timely service to meet the needs and expectations of customers, thereby strengthening the relationship between the company and its online audience.

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Why choose MG?

We are in full growth and we want to share the boom and experience we have.

Reason One

We target small businesses with potential that are not developing as they should.

Reason two

We can interact in a bilingual market.

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